03, Aromawickel Body Wrapping 60 minutes

Price: €50



Aromawickel is a totally natural, effective and safe way to achieve excellent and lasting inch loss, detoxify the body, cleanse the skin and leave you feeling totally rejuvenated with wonderful smooth and silky skin. This treatment is based on hot-cold effect and the activity of essential oils. It is carried out in a manner that the most critical parts where the cellulite deposits are massaged with essential oils and gels (mostly eucalyptus, rosemary, menthol, peppermint and citrus). After that the body is wrapped from the knee to the chest in the soaked bandages. In that way the external temperature of the body rises whilst the internal temperature drops.

This treatment has proved very efficient in degradation of cellulite, fat cells and also works as a lymphatic drainage to improve the tone and elasticity of the skin.